Abstracts 2019 Joint IOCV XXI and IRCHLB VI

Organization IOCV, Committee IRCHLB
2019 Journal of citrus pathology  
Abstracts 2019 Joint IOCV XXI and IRCHLB VI Permalink https://escholarship.org/uc/item/1zp421bn Journal Abstract: The availability of pathogen tested, true-to-type propagative material is critical for successful citrus production. Abstract: Control of graft and vectortransmitted pathogens requires the establishment of new plantings with healthy plants. To accomplish this objective methods to recover healthy plants from infected ones are required. The technique of shoot-tip grafting in vitro (STG) was developed to recover citrus
doi:10.5070/c461045425 fatcat:2u4l5yqoifewxfp5zptqmfj3i4