Experimental Validation to a Prototype Magnetorheological (MR) Semi-Active Damper for C-Class Vehicle

H. Unuh, P. Muhamad, F. Yakub, M. A. Ismail, Z. Tanasta
2019 International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering  
In this study, a semi-active damper with OEM technical standard featuring MR fluid was fabricated to assess its use as potential reinforcement in enhancing c-class vehicle ride comfort. The finite element modelling was employed to investigate the capability of the MR semi-active damper prototype design in altered the damping utilizing unique rheological properties of MR fluid. The quarter car test rig completes with DYTRAN accelerometer and LMS Scadas mobile was operated to measure the RMS
more » ... easure the RMS sprung mass acceleration of the MR semi-active damper prototype caused by a 5cm sinusoidal bump at speed of 10km/h. The finite element modelling gave the best representation of the ability of the design to manifest the shear stress development of MR fluid used. Indeed, the MR semi-active damper model prototype was able to enhance ride comfort by decreasing the acceleration of sprung mass compare to OEM passive damper. It was found that the applied current had the greatest influence on RMS sprung mass acceleration when measured over a range of frequency.
doi:10.15282/ijame.16.3.2019.15.0527 fatcat:5efzmroc3zajjfaoiz3nxrdgvu