Diagnosing and Controls of NSLS-II: A Bright New Light for Science

Yong Hu, Leo Dalesio, Ko, Kwok C. (Ed.), Schaa, Volker R.W. (Ed.), Tang, Chuanxiang (Ed.), Yan, Heping (Ed.)
NSLS-II, the successor to NSLS (National Synchrotron Light Source) at Brookhaven National Lab, has been open to users worldwide since early 2015 as a world-class advanced synchrotron light source because of its unique features: its half-mile-circumference (792 m) Storage Ring provides the highest beam intensity (500 mA) at medium-energy (3 GeV) with sub-nm-rad horizontal emittance (down to 0.5 nm-rad) and diffraction-limited vertical emittance at a wavelength of 1 Å (<8 pm-rad). As the eyes of
more » ... d). As the eyes of NSLS-II accelerators to observe fascinating particle beams, beam diagnostics and controls are designed to diagnose and control the electron beam quality so that NSLS-II could be tuned up to reach its highest performance. This paper will present computer-based automated control system for NSLS-II beam diagnostics and give detailed descriptions of controls interfaces including classifications of diagnostics, controls hardware and software platforms, and interfaces to other subsystems. The design and implementation of NSLS-II diagnostics and controls are described. Commissioning results of NSLS-II accelerators, including Linac, Booster, and Storage Ring are presented.
doi:10.18429/jacow-icap2015-wep11 fatcat:hflvnpjy6rb4vex5vcmmbytye4