The effects of different herbs on the quality characteristics of Sucuk (Turkish dry-fermented sausage)

Harun Uran, Berkay Kopuk, Aslı Özkan, Öykü Özyar
2022 Food and Health  
The effects of thyme, rosemary, and dill as a natural antioxidant alternative to nitrite on some quality characteristics of Turkish type dry-fermented sausage (Sucuk) were investigated. Samples were prepared with the addition of powder forms of these herbs and ripened for 15 days. According to the results, the addition of herbs did not result in a significant difference in pH, water activity (aw), ash and dry matter values, and lightness (L*) of the products. The significant decrease in
more » ... ntal a* values with the addition of herbs and the decrease in color scores in the sensory analysis were similar, and all groups containing natural antioxidants (herbs) scored higher in odor evaluation than the control group. Considering TBARS values, significantly higher results were observed in all herb added groups during the ripening period. However, the addition of herbs caused a decrease in the hardness, adhesiveness, and cohesiveness values of Sucuks compared to the nitrite added groups.
doi:10.3153/fh22022 fatcat:jbfqgwotxjc5bibdphs53pnexq