Far-infrared photometry of optical emission-line stars. II

P. M. Harvey, B. A. Wilking
1982 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
We report far-infrared photometry of dust clouds around a sample of eight optically bright stars, five of which are believed to be pre-main-sequence and three of which are probably post-main-sequence. We find energy distributions consistent with the results of an earlier study of eight other stars where a good correlation was found between the existence of cool, far-infrared-emitting dust clouds and the presumed youth of the central star. The post-main-sequence objects, as in the previous
more » ... the previous study, were found to have energy distributions falling steeply from 10 to 100 jam implying very small amounts of cool dust relative to the amount of dust at a few hundred K.
doi:10.1086/130978 fatcat:wq4ossamk5gvtdivcyculknqzu