Shared use of mineral supplement in extensive farming and its potential for infection transmission at the wildlife-livestock interface [post]

Jordi Martinez Guijosa, Adri n L pez Alonso, Christian Gortazar, Pelayo Acevedo, Maria Torres, Joaqu n Vicente
2020 unpublished
Recently, the survival of Mycobacterium bovis on livestock mineral blocks has been confirmed, but little is known about its implication in the transmission of animal tuberculosis (TB) under field conditions. The objective of this study was to describe the shared use of mineral supplements in four extensive beef cattle farms from a high TB prevalence area in South Central Spain, to identify the main factors explaining their use, and characterize its potential role for the transmission of Mycobacterium
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doi:10.22541/au.160157352.24730359 fatcat:aymmzk63pnastbnn4yv2zxm3bq