A Lower Bound of DOA-Estimates by an Array Randomly Subject to Sensor-Breakdown

Kainam Thomas Wong, Yue Ivan Wu, Yu-Sheng Hsu, Yang Song
2012 IEEE Sensors Journal  
This paper introduces a new metric, to approximately lower-bound the error-variance in the estimation of an incident source's direction-of-arrival (DOA), for a sensor-array subject to random breakdown in its individual sensors. This new metric equals a weighted sum of Cramér-Rao bounds, each conditioned on a distinct event of sensors-breakdown. Those distinct events together describe the overall random phenomenon of the fallibility of the sensors that constitute the sensor-array. This new
more » ... ray. This new metric's tightness as an approximate lower bound is illustrated by Monte Carlo simulations of the maximum-likelihood estimator. Index Terms-Array signal processing, direction of arrival estimation, phased arrays. 1530-437X/$26.00 © 2011 IEEE Kainam Thomas Wong (SM'01) received the B.
doi:10.1109/jsen.2011.2165704 fatcat:7agspxk7cfaxdp47i4axk4h3ce