Mx Scripts Library: Structural Equation Modeling Scripts for Twin and Family Data

D Posthuma, D. I. Boomsma
2005 Behavior Genetics  
Structural equation modeling (SEM) provides a flexible tool to carry out genetic analyses of family and twin data. The basic model which decomposes the variance between and within families for a particular trait into genetic and non-genetic components can be generalized to multivariate and/ or longitudinal data, incorporate sex differences in parameter estimates, and model the effects of measured environment, candidate genes or DNA marker data. We introduce a web-based library
more » ... .nl/mxbib) of scripts for uni-and multivariate genetic epidemiological analyses, as well as for linkage and genetic association tests. The scripts are written to be used with the freely available software package Mx and provide a flexible and uniform approach to the analysis of data from relatives.
doi:10.1007/s10519-005-2791-5 pmid:15971030 fatcat:jhfso7d5wnb2lbpzwbeehwtzpa