Bir Salgın Hastalık Olarak Covid-19'un Gazi Üniversitesi Gazi Eğitim Fakültesi Güzel Sanatlar Bölümü Resim Ana Sanat Dalındaki Öğrencilerin Resimlerine Yansımaları

Gonca YAYAN-
2020 Turkish Studies  
Along with the decrease of death related with illnesses and improvement on the longevity of life due to developments on the modern medicine from the end of 19th century to present day, chronic illnesses that are seen commonly on societies became important issues. When causal role of social factors on health and disease facts bring fast paced public changes on social, political, economic and cultural fields it effected art and the artist in different levels and reflected in the artworks. Based
more » ... social factors, these changes have sometimes led artists to form discourse by first questioning themselves and later their audience along with the events in the society and sometimes led them to form differences by getting out of this circle. Human who can transform the expression of feelings and thoughts such as imagination, longing anxiety through art into a form has also created a system of indicators. These indicators that are necessary for a communication to exist in social factors; signs, symbols, sounds, body movements, etc. are the basic elements of artistic expression. In this context, it is an important requirement for art to be used as an educational tool in order to raise healthy generations, as well as considering the reactions against the events in societies as a communication tool. While there are important health problems in our country, the number of social and cultural studies outside the field of health is also not sufficient. This has been decisive in the identification of this study on Covid-19, and especially in the shortcomings in the field of art. In the study, "literature review" and "work analysis" were chosen as methods. Based on the example of Covid-19, the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of 13 students from the 3rd and 4th grades in Gazi University Gazi Faculty of Education Fine Arts Department Art Painting Major were questioned with their own perspective and the relationships between these factors and the effects of the disease on them were tried to be analyzed. The findings in the study, which aims to determine how the disease phenomenon affects students with the social and cultural variables mentioned under the name of social factors, were limited to the selected sample and research area. The written permission for the use of the works in the study has been obtained from the owners. Structured Abstract: Human as a biological being has always been under the effect of psychological, environmental and social factors during the period of becoming a community. While these factors may affect people good or bad in different degrees in the event of epidemic throughout their lives, they caused diseases directly
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.44494 fatcat:llkid2d4mffdvcuiklztpi5hq4