Effect of an alpha 2 agonist (mivazerol) on limiting myocardial ischaemia in stable angina

K Fox, H J Dargie, D P de Bono, M F Oliver, E Wulfert, T Kharkevitch
1999 Heart  
A specific 2 agonist, mivazerol, known to be eVective in reducing myocardial ischaemia when given intravenously immediately before an exercise tolerance test, produced a significant increase in exercise duration and time to the onset of angina when given orally over a two week period to 25 patients with stable angina. A non-significant trend to reduction in electrocardiographic signs of ischaemia was also noted. The clinical relevance of this improvement now needs to be tested in larger numbers.
doi:10.1136/hrt.82.3.383 fatcat:xrjfwzsb55ax5bwysffalrllvy