2018 Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism  
Sustainable Diets Task Force -Chair Professor Barbara Burlingame Following the announcement of current IUNS Task Forces in the last issue this new Task Force has been approved by Council at its recent meeting. The rationale for this IUNS Task Force on Sustainable Diets is to help bring about awareness and advocacy for the need to simultaneously address nutrition and environmental issues in ongoing processes including the Sustainable Development Goals, the Decade of Action on Nutrition, the
more » ... to Food, the Decade of Biodiversity, the Aichi Targets, SIDS Accelerated Modalities of Action (SA-MOA) Pathway, the 10 Year Framework of Programs on Sustainable Consumption and Production, and more. The formal infrastructure provided by the IUNS Task Force will facilitate communication and coherence among the nutrition science community in their research, teaching and interactions; and between different sectors/disciplines where nutrition could/should be integrated into environmental sustainability issues. The aims of the Task Force are: • To contribute to the development and standardization of nutrition indicators and methodologies for characterizing and promoting sustainable diets • To provide a communication forum for multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary activities, including interactions with other relevant IUNS Task Forces • To provide a stable framework for the ongoing organization of the International Scientific Symposia on sustainable diets, and inclusion of sustainable diets sessions in other scientific conferences/symposia, including IUNS ICN and its regional conferences • To contribute to the development, validation and standardization of methodologies for characterizing different agro-ecological zones for sustainable diets • To function as a professional body in nutrition for interacting with the professional bodies in other sectors (e.g., agriculture and environment) • To develop best practices for sustainable diets and sustainable dietary guidelines • To seek input from, and provide input to, other relevant IUNS Task Forces • To organize sessions on sustainable diets at the IUNS ICN
doi:10.1159/000493111 fatcat:5qc3bimrefgdtg4x77pmfrt4yy