Optical assembly of bio-hybrid micro-robots

Álvaro Barroso, Shirin Landwerth, Mike Woerdemann, Christina Alpmann, Tim Buscher, Maike Becker, Armido Studer, Cornelia Denz
2015 Biomedical microdevices  
The combination of micro synthetic structures with bacterial flagella motors represents an actual trend for the construction of self-propelled micro-robots. The development of methods for fabrication of these bacteria-based robots is a first crucial step towards the realization of functional miniature and autonomous moving robots. We present a novel scheme based on optical trapping to fabricate living microrobots. By using holographic optical tweezers that allow three-dimensional manipulation
more » ... real time, we are able to arrange the building blocks that constitute the micro-robot in a defined way. We demonstrate exemplarily that our method enables the controlled assembly of living micro-robots consisting of a rod-shaped prokaryotic bacterium and a single elongated zeolite L crystal, which are used as model of the biological and abiotic components, respectively. We present different proof-of-principle approaches for the site-selective attachment of the bacteria on the particle surface. The propulsion of the optically assembled micro-robot demonstrates the potential of the proposed method as a powerful strategy for the fabrication of bio-hybrid micro-robots.
doi:10.1007/s10544-015-9933-1 pmid:25681045 pmcid:PMC4328111 fatcat:mprwnghed5ga3gxjatfu6qimnm