Magnetic Field Configurations Corresponding to Electric Field Patterns That Evoke Long-Term Potentiation Shift Power Spectra of Light Emissions from Microtubules from Non-Neural Cells

Blake T. Dotta, David A.E. Vares, Carly A. Buckner, Robert M. Lafrenie, Michael A. Persinger
2014 Open Journal of Biophysics  
Photon counts were measured every 15 ms for 75 s from microtubule-enriched preparations (and nuclei) from mouse melanoma cells during baseline and after 2 min exposures to 1 μT magnetic fields. The magnetic fields were generated from a circular array of solenoids and presented with accelerating or decelerating rotation velocities. The range of photon radiant flux density was in the order of 10 −12 W·m −2 . Microtubules preparations that had been exposed for only 2 min to a magnetic field
more » ... gnetic field configuration corresponding to the electric field pattern that induced long-term potentiation in neural tissue when applied as electric current displayed peaks of spectral power densities within 7 -8 Hz, 9.5 Hz, 14 -15 Hz, and 22 Hz bands. The major peak (9.4 Hz) bandwidth was approximately 0.1 Hz. While microtubule preparations exposed for 2 min to a 7 Hz sine-wave or in the absence of a field emitted an overall similar level of spectral power density, the peaks in power density were not present. Treatment with the LTP patterned fields, compared to the baseline or sine-wave fields primarily altered the frequency band in which the amplitude of the photon field was expressed. These results suggest that the photon emissions from microtubule preparations have the capacity to respond to specifically-patterned or geometric shapes of magnetic fields by altering spectral configurations rather than the absolute numbers of photons.
doi:10.4236/ojbiphy.2014.44013 fatcat:ro4czei4pve6hlfofdweryxasm