M. Suzuki, M. Yamamoto
2014 Proceedings of 10th World Congress on Computational Mechanics   unpublished
When a fluid machine operates in particulate environments, particles suspending in the atmosphere cause the fluid machine some problem. This research is to focus on particulate erosion phenomenon whereby solid particles impinging on a wall cause serious mechanical damage to the wall surface. Particulate erosion leads to unwanted degradation of the performance and life of various machines. Particulate erosion of jet engines is important problem for aviation engineer. Extensive particle ingestion
more » ... particle ingestion by jet engines occurs at takeoff and landing, which is the principal cause of particulate erosion. The authors investigated performance deterioration in single stage compressor due to particulate erosion, and clarified the mechanism. However, particulate erosion phenomenon in multi stage compressor is not well known although compressor of jet engine consists of multiple stages. In the present study, particulate erosion phenomenon in a two-stage compressor is investigated. The results show that inlet particle velocity of second stage is smaller than that of first stage and the particles cluster around the tip.
doi:10.5151/meceng-wccm2012-19016 fatcat:2umbpal6gvadnkucf4d3oajzbq