RIdeogram: drawing SVG graphics to visualize and map genome-wide data on the idiograms

Zhaodong Hao, Dekang Lv, Ying Ge, Jisen Shi, Dolf Weijers, Guangchuang Yu, Jinhui Chen
2020 PeerJ Computer Science  
Owing to the rapid advances in DNA sequencing technologies, whole genome from more and more species are becoming available at increasing pace. For whole-genome analysis, idiograms provide a very popular, intuitive and effective way to map and visualize the genome-wide information, such as GC content, gene and repeat density, DNA methylation distribution, genomic synteny, etc. However, most available software programs and web servers are available only for a few model species, such as human,
more » ... e and fly, or have limited application scenarios. As more and more non-model species are sequenced with chromosome-level assembly being available, tools that can generate idiograms for a broad range of species and be capable of visualizing more data types are needed to help better understanding fundamental genome characteristics. Results The R package RIdeogram allows users to build high-quality idiograms of any species of interest. It can map continuous and discrete genome-wide data on the idiograms and visualize them in a heat map and track labels, respectively. Conclusion The visualization of genome-wide data mapping and comparison allow users to quickly establish a clear impression of the chromosomal distribution pattern, thus making RIdeogram a useful tool for any researchers working with omics.
doi:10.7717/peerj-cs.251 pmid:33816903 pmcid:PMC7924719 fatcat:3l3ouu7vkzakzo6inskbh5rwga