Rational modes of wool scouring

Tetiana Romanovska, Мykola Oseiko, Svitlana Bazhay-Zhezherun, Olena Yarmolitska
2019 Ukrainian Journal of Food Science  
Introduction. Currently, synthetic detergents with a weakly alkaline pH are used for scouring wool. The combination of surfactant Sles 70 with an aprotic organic solvent with dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) allows you to create a neutral detergent and needs to determine the rational modes of wool scouring. The purpose of our study was to find the rational parameters of scouring fine-wool hair. Materials and methods. In Latin squares, an experiment was conducted to determine the effect of the
more » ... ion of Sles 70 in the scouring solution in the range of 0.1 to 3.1 g/dm 3 , the concentration of DMSO 0.01 to 0.61 g/dm 3 , the hydromodule 10 to 100, the temperature of 30−48 С for cleaning fine-wool fibers while scouring the wool fiber with the specified combined detergent. Results and discussion. In the investigated range of variation of factors, the influence of the hydromodule on the purification of wool and the extraction of extractive substances from the surface of the fiber into the waste solution was most pronounced. Hydro module 40 and more allows you to clean the wool from grease and dirt. The temperature has a stable effect in the given range, so all the investigated values of temperature contribute to the removal of fatty contaminations of wool for this component of the detergent solution. Аccording to the hydromodule 70 and 100, as well as the concentration of 1% by weight Sles 70that is, for concentrations of surfactants above the critical concentration of micelles (CCM)the fibers of wool are also cleared during scouring. It is logical to note that the concentrations of surfactants below the CCM have reduced the effectiveness of wool cleaning. The concentration of DMSO also had a slight effect on the wool treatment compared to the hydromodule. Conclusions.The rational mode of single scouring of wool is the use of a hydromodule 40, a concentration of 1% by weight. Sles 70 and DMSO concentration to 0.61 g/dm 3 in the temperature range 30−48 С. The quality of the scouring can be improved by increasing the disposable water dispenser or by scouring it with a minimum of water.
doi:10.24263/2310-1008-2019-7-2-13 fatcat:ld23b2zrvfbedmq4sspi4imvnm