Investigation of Coupled Processes in Argillite Rock: FY18 Progress [report]

Jonny Rutqvist, Kunwhi Kim, Hao Xu, Yves Guglielmi, Jens Birkholzer
2018 unpublished
NOTE 1: Appendix E should be filled out and submitted with each deliverable. Or, if the PICS:NE system permits, completely enter all applicable information in the PICS:NE Deliverable Form. The requirement is to ensure that all applicable information is entered either in the PICS:NE system or by using the FCT Document Cover Sheet. • In some cases there may be a milestone where an item is being fabricated, maintenance is being performed on a facility, or a document is being issued through a
more » ... document control process where it specifically calls out a formal review of the document. In these cases, documentation (e.g., inspection report, maintenance request, work planning package documentation or the documented review of the issued document through the document control process) of the completion of the activity, along with the Document Cover Sheet, is sufficient to demonstrate achieving the milestone. NOTE 2: If QRL 1, 2, or 3 is not assigned, then the QRL 4 box must be checked, and the work is understood to be performed using laboratory specific QA requirements. This includes any deliverable developed in conformance with the respective National Laboratory / Participant, DOE or NNSA-approved QA Program NOTE 3: If the lab has an NQA-1 program and the work to be conducted requires an NQA-1 program, then the QRL-1 box must be checked in the work Package and on the Appendix E cover sheet and the work must be performed in accordance with the Lab's
doi:10.2172/1462005 fatcat:67gapdicqjapnozbezuxblbq7m