An Improved K Nearest Neighbor Classifier Using Interestingness Measures For Medical Image Mining

J. Alamelu Mangai, Satej Wagle, V. Santhosh Kumar
2013 Zenodo  
The exponential increase in the volume of medical image database has imposed new challenges to clinical routine in maintaining patient history, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. With the advent of data mining and machine learning techniques it is possible to automate and/or assist physicians in clinical diagnosis. In this research a medical image classification framework using data mining techniques is proposed. It involves feature extraction, feature selection, feature discretization and
more » ... ssification. In the classification phase, the performance of the traditional kNN k nearest neighbor classifier is improved using a feature weighting scheme and a distance weighted voting instead of simple majority voting. Feature weights are calculated using the interestingness measures used in association rule mining. Experiments on the retinal fundus images show that the proposed framework improves the classification accuracy of traditional kNN from 78.57 % to 92.85 %.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1087652 fatcat:hilnkarx6jg6rdgtaaztnwyuyy