A new high-resolution three-dimensional retinal implant: System design and preliminary human results [article]

Leonid Yanovitch, Dorit Raz-Prag, Yael Hanein
2022 bioRxiv   pre-print
The NR600 retinal prosthetic device is a unique newly developed implant intended to restore visual perception to people who lost their vision due to retinal degenerative diseases. The miniature implant captures the visual image in place of the damaged photoreceptor cells and creates the electrical stimulation required to activate the preserved retinal cell layers. The NR600 system transduces visual signal into electrical signals that are delivered to the retina via an array of needle shaped
more » ... trodes to minimize electrical activation levels and improve stimulation localization. NR600 consists of two components: A miniature implantable chip and eyeglasses set worn by the patient. The eyeglasses deliver power and control the implantable device. In this report, we present the NR600 system design, its optical, electrical, and electro-chemical characteristics, and preliminary results from human subjects.
doi:10.1101/2022.09.14.507901 fatcat:25pmdyjduneuzh45z4s4wtfxpi