Spin wave interferometer employing a local nonuniformity of the effective magnetic field

S. V. Vasiliev, V. V. Kruglyak, M. L. Sokolovskii, A. N. Kuchko
2007 Journal of Applied Physics  
We have investigated scattering of exchange spin waves by a model nonuniformity of the effective magnetic field. In particular, certain profiles of the nonuniformity are characterized by a total transmission of the spin wave intensity while inducing large shifts to the phase of transmitted spin waves. These properties are discussed in the context of potential application within a spin wave logic device-a spin wave interferometer containing such a nonuniformity in one of its branches. We
more » ... ranches. We demonstrate limitations imposed upon the size and the speed of operation of such a device by a requirement that it be controlled by an external uniform magnetic field.
doi:10.1063/1.2740339 fatcat:ca67aztnzffwpjzrpg7mmdubzu