AGS BPM Tests [report]

Menga P., L. Ahrens, R. Schroeder
2007 unpublished
The AGS BPM's were tested over the summer shutdown of 2006. The testing procedure, results, equipment changes, and modifications to the test will be explained here. As a result of this work we restored 12 out of the 140 planes that make up the system -a significant gain. There remain ten planes which do not work for reasons unknown and 8 planes that new need electronics to function. A detailed description of the effectiveness of the tests is found at the end of the main text. We will begin with
more » ... We will begin with a description of the setup and construction of the AGS BPM system. AGS BPM background -Signal Collecting and Hardware: A pickup electrode (PUE) is a device inside the beam pipe. In the case of the AGS, this is of the electrostatic (also called capacitive) variety. This is as opposed to the button PUE, normally recessed into the beam pipe and optimized to respond to the high frequency components of the bunch transverse position (normally used for electron and positron beams), and the directional coupled PUE, where a resonance wave is formed on the electrode. No Chassis '07 J J J J J J J J J J J J
doi:10.2172/1061879 fatcat:p2scowt3jrfbrit63rvffxy74q