The optimization of the recipe storage of frozen pancakes with minced meat

O. Dzyundzya, I. Merna, Yu. Trubuh
2020 145  
The purpose of the article is to optimize the formulation of frozen pancake with minced meat of extra biological value. Based on the monitoring of the foodmarket, it was concluded that the range of frozen pancakes with minced meatisone of the most popular. The analysis of modern researches in this direction is carried out.It is also established the necessity for developmentof new resource-saving technologies of frozen uncooked food of highbiological value. The subject of the research is
more » ... gy, semi-fi nished pancakes, minced meat, Jerusalem artichoke and eggplant food powders. It has been identifi ed the upcoming food supplements. A recipe for a semi-fi nished pancake has been developed. When working out the technological solutions for the production of coat for pancakes with Jerusalem artichoke powder, the dosage of powder varied from 1 to 5% in increments of 1%. For minced meat, the replacement of raw meat with reconstituted eggplant powder was from 2 % to 20% in increments of 4% . Based on the analysis of organoleptic quality indicators of the semi-fi nished pancake (shell), the rational dosage of Jerusalem artichoke powder, equal to 2%, was fi nally established. Based on the results of the research, a rational amount of reconstituted eggplant powder was established, that is 10% of the total weight of semi-fi nished products. We can see the quoted results of research with organoleptic, microbiological indicators of quality. It was found that the chemical composition of the developed pancakes with the addition of Jerusalem artichoke powder (shell) and eggplant (minced meat) have a more balanced composition in terms of nutrients and essential substances. It is investigated that according to microbiological indicators the developed pancake semi-fi nished product is safe. The results of the experiments prove that the chosen eggplant and Jerusalem artichoke powders, as well as other vegetable powders are eff ective products of functional nutrition. Therefore, these products can be off ered for mass use in the production of fl our products, namely pancakes. Key words: pancake semi-fi nished product, food powder, eggplant, Jerusalem artichoke, minced meat, pancakes.
doi:10.33245/2310-9270-2020-157-1-150-159 fatcat:gs3gklfsovfgdp2du45aylujga