The empact CVT:dynamics and control of an electromechanically actuated CVT [article]

Klaassen, TWGL (Tim), Steinbuch, M (Maarten), Vroemen, BG (Bas)
Preface The development of the Empact CVT is set in the framework of the SenterNovem BTS (Bedrijfs Technologische Samenwerking) agreement. The aim of the project is to stimulate economic developments in the future by cooperation of companies and universities. This project is a cooperation of the Technische Universiteit (TU/e), Van Doorne's Transmissie (VDT) and the University of Twente (UT). The main goals are the optimization of efficiency, durability and torque transmission capacity of metal
more » ... -belt type CVTs. To achieve these goals, the project initially focussed on the optimization of the pushbelt and the variator. Preliminary studies, however, showed that the actuation system of the variator has significant impact on the total efficiency of the CVT. Therefore, this subject was subsequently added to the project. The focus points and research topics of the project are 1. to maximize efficiency and durability of the variator by applying variator slip measurement and control techniques (TU/e) 2. to optimize maximal transmittable torque and durability of the pushbelt by developing and using new materials that combine high yield strength with good fatigue resistance (VDT) 3. to optimize durability of the variator and pushbelt by developing a failure mode model and wear prediction model for the boundary lubrication contact (UT) 4. to maximize efficiency of the variator by developing an alternative actuation system (TU/e)
doi:10.6100/ir625040 fatcat:gdg2xl7oefgu5p33jkff6bp3pi