Evolution of Immunoglobulins: Structural Homology of Kappa and Lambda Bence Jones Proteins

K. Titani, M. Wikler, F. W. Putnam
1967 Science  
figurations when their heads are above water. Although it is theoretically possible for them to see stars from beneath the surface, this would only occur in perfectly calm water. The normal ocean waves would disrupt the sitar images and, because of the critical angle of refraction, would impose a new and shifting horizon. Other types of celestial navigation involving the position of the sun or moon cannot be ruled out; but any theories must be consistent with knowledge of the green turtle's
more » ... green turtle's inability to see clearly outside its marine environment. Abstract. The amino acid sequence of a human lamba chain has been determined, There are many identities in sequence with human kappa chains, but this intraspecies homology is less than the interspecies homology of kappa light chains of man and mouse. Structural relationships suggest a common evolutionary origin and early differentiation of lightand heavy-chain genes.
doi:10.1126/science.155.3764.828 pmid:6018194 fatcat:obp74mencreezpanjjlmg6rnne