On the Cohen-Macaulayfication of certain Buchsbaum rings

Shiro Goto
1980 Nagoya mathematical journal  
Let A be a Noetherian local ring of dimensiondand with maximal idealm. ThenAis called Buchsbaum if every system of parameters is a weak sequence. This is equivalent to the condition that, for every parameter idealq, the differenceis an invariantI(A) ofAnot depending on the choice ofq. (See Section 2 for the detail.) The concept of Buchsbaum rings was introduced by Stückrad and Vogel [8], and the theory of Buchsbaum singularities is now developing (cf. [6], [7], [9], [10], and [12]).
doi:10.1017/s0027763000019073 fatcat:fhmt5na6jbczro6efhjictuo5q