D5.2 Research Paper In The Transposition Of The Relevant Eu Instruments In Several Member States

Sybe de Vries, Maria Teresa Solis Santos van den Bossche, Silvia Adamo, Vassilis Hatzopoulos, Adrienn Nyirscsak, Orsolya Salat, Elisabetta Pulice, Paolo Guarda, Elena Ioriatti, Javier A. Gonzalez Vega, Ignacio Villarde Menendez
2016 Zenodo  
This research paper assesses how a number of relevant EU instruments identified in D5.1 have been transposed in Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. More in particular D5.2 focusses on the following three implementation-items: 1.Access of economic actors to the market 2.The protection of economic rights of consumers 3.The protection of citizens' rights in the digital era The difficulties that citizens face in exercising these economic rights differ. Some Member
more » ... ates are more accommodating than others as to the exercise of economic rights by non-nationals. Building on the seven country reports, this research report provides a combined presentation of how these Member States approach c.q. deal with the actual implementation of EU-economic actors' and corresponding citizens' entitlement to have access to their ensuing economic rights. Within each topic, a further selection was made to enhance both feasibility and comparability. When it comes to access of economic actors to the market, the report addresses the topic of professional qualifications. With regard to the protection economic rights of consumers, the focus is laid on unfair commercial practices and the implementation of the consumer rights directive. And with respect to the protection of citizens' rights in the digital era, the effects of the Court's judgment in Google Spain in the different Member States have been assessed.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.46831 fatcat:h5dbk2zf3bb6xmhfasb4msvw7u