Hierarchical teaching method of civil engineering materials in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Yuan Zhang
2017 Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Social Science and Contemporary Humanity Development   unpublished
civil engineering college, huaiyin institute of technology a zhyuan111@163.com Abstract. With the development of higher education reform, puts forward new challenges and requirements for civil engineering in Local Applied Undergraduate Colleges of professional teaching work; and the number of college entrance examination gradually reduced, and the local undergraduate college students face severe pressure; at the same time to expand the scope of enrollment, the difference is not the same area of
more » ... ot the same area of civil engineering students in basic theoretical knowledge individual student's quality and ability is larger, these factors make the traditional class teaching system facing the complex and grim challenges. Therefore, our research group in the teaching of civil engineering materials course in the process, with the reality of the students and teacher's teaching experience, optimize the teaching mode, to adapt to the needs of teaching reform in the new era of curriculum, the implementation of hierarchical teaching mode of "platform + module + team", improve the level of students' learning efficiency. Classified Teaching Connotation The so-called hierarchical teaching, students' knowledge structure system is based on the difference of basic theory, and considering the students' intelligence and other factors have obvious difference under the condition that the teacher follows the principles of individualized, conscious design of classroom teaching, experiment teaching, for learning instruction, homework for students at different levels to specific 'help', 'individualized test'. Enable each student to develop so as to achieve the overall teaching objective. Teachers should combine the actual situation of students, design a reasonable hierarchical goal, not only for good students to study, expand and extend, but also to keep up with the poor students. You should believe that every student can achieve his goal by his own efforts. Let all students through the hierarchical teaching, to better play its own potential.
doi:10.2991/sschd-17.2017.83 fatcat:kvkwtwxwrfdnfjstczn3z6hj7a