Design of Embedded WEB Remote Monitoring System Based on µC/OS-II Operating System

Xibo Wang, Zhen Zhang
2012 International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems  
Isolating embedded system has not been adapted to current development tendency. More and more embedded systems need networking for communicating with each other. µC/OS-II, which is a typical embedded real time operating system and contains a kernel without network protocol, has been widely used in a large number of embedded systems. So it is of significance to join network protocol into µC/OS-II. In this paper, a networking method is proposed to embedded equipments based on µC/OS-II. LPC2200
more » ... C/OS-II. LPC2200 based on ARM7TDMI-S is used as the core of hardware platform, µC/OS-II embedded real-time operating system and LwIP (Light Weight IP) are used as software platform, ADS1.2 as compiler. Through the realization of files that are related to the processor LPC2200, the porting of µC/OS-II into ARM7 is implemented. Through the realization of the LwIP operating system emulation layer and realization network chip RTL8019AS driver, the porting of LwIP into µC/OS-II is implemented. On these foundations, a remote monitoring application is successfully developed. Experiment results show that proposed approach can be successfully used for embedded equipments networking control.
doi:10.22266/ijies2012.0331.04 fatcat:7duwmkksene3jksmjcubwjlapm