Preparation of AlxTi100-x Alloys by Mechanical Alloying

Tsuyoshi Itsukaichi, Keiichi Masuyama, Minoru Umemoto, Isao Okane
1993 Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy  
The characterization and consolidation of mechanically alloyed AlxTi100-x (x=25,50, 75at%) powders were carried out. The phase changes of the processed powders with milling time were studied using x-ray diffraction and DSC. The MA powders were subsequently sintered by hot press. The phase, microstructure, relative density and hardness of the sintered compacts were studied using SEM, TEM, x-ray diffraction and vickers hardness tester. The existence of Ti solid solution with an amorphous phase in
more » ... the powder sample with x=25 was confirmed as a final alloying stage. For the samples with x=50 and 75, the single amorphous phase and the fcc phase via an amorphous phase respectively were observed. The optimum MA times for sintering with respect to the chemical homogeniety,
doi:10.2497/jjspm.40.265 fatcat:mpbqzoiojvd5je6lgg6fe2iq6m