Coloration Characteristic and Population Genetic Analysis of Wild-Captured Giant Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon) from Aceh Timur

Indriatmoko Indriatmoko, Dimas A. Hedianto, Sari Budi Moria, Didik WH Tjahjo
2018 ILMU KELAUTAN: Indonesian Journal of Marine Sciences  
Giant tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) has become a prime commodity in Indonesia which was produced by aquaculture and capture fisheries activities. Aceh Province, in this case mostly represented by Aceh Timur District, was well-known as the center of wild-captured-adult giant tiger shrimp. Several previous investigations had proved for its high-quality shrimp spawner in producing good eggs in quality and quantity under artificial spawning condition. Two main interesting points of wild giant
more » ... of wild giant tiger shrimp from Aceh Timur came from their coloration and population clusters. This report was aimed to provide that information pre-preliminary and highlighted quantitative information of coloration characteristic through RGB (Red Green Blue) and CIE Lab color space data analysis, as well as, 16S rDNA-PCR-RFLP genetic comparison among four population clusters in Aceh Timur Waters. The color analysis resulted in significant differences between wild-captured and pond-cultured giant tiger shrimp which produced R value 0.1524±0.0091 and 0.1268±0.0004, respectively. Total pixel analysis through L* a* b* color space has distinguished detailed differentiation between wild-captured and pond-cultured giant tiger shrimp acquired images. It is known that most of the wild-captured image pixels were concentrated in quadrant I (+a, +b) while pond-cultured in quadrant II (-a, +b) and III (-a, -b).Genotyping of represented samples from 4 population clusters, i.e. Aceh Tamiang, Langsa, Peudawa, and Julok produce 2 haplotype composite, AAA and AAB. Among 4 clusters, it was found that Julok has become the only cluster which has a different haplotype composite ratio (1:1) (D 0.0348, V 0,9501) from the others (4:1)(V 0.9504).
doi:10.14710/ik.ijms.23.3.123-130 fatcat:rrlbmudb75cnrhermpkziswqf4