Multivalent Protein Probes for the Identification and Characterization of Cognate Cellular Ligands for Myeloid Cell Surface Receptors [chapter]

Hsi-Hsien Lin, Gin-Wen Chang, Yi-Shu Huang, Cheng-Chih Hsiao, Martin Stacey, Siamon Gordon
2009 Msphere  
Cell-cell interactions mediated by cell surface receptor-ligand pairs in the immune system are often of low affinity and transient in nature. To begin to study these weak interactions, it is desirable to devise a generally applicable method for screening for and enriching cells expressing low-affinity ligands for specific cell surface receptors. We describe here an experimental strategy that uses a multivalent form of protein as a probe to identify and characterize cognate ligand(s) of myeloid
more » ... ell surface receptors. Recombinant fusion proteins containing the receptor protein fragment of interest fused to a truncated mouse Fc domain and a unique biotinylation signal are produced, biotinylated, and coupled to (strept) avidin-coated fluorescent or paramagnetic microspheres. These multivalent microparticle probes are then used to screen or capture cells expressing the cognate cellular ligand(s).
doi:10.1007/978-1-59745-396-7_7 pmid:19347313 fatcat:zjhqoso3xjgtfbnpyjloyn7oce