July-2020 [unknown]

2020 International journal of engineering sciences & research technology   unpublished
This study reviews mainly holistic design of PEB structure and comparison of behavior of reduced beam section at beam column sub assemblage. Commercial software based on finite element analysis is used for carrying out mathematical modeling and analysis. In recent construction work it is observed that during conditions like earthquake or cyclone connections fails resulting in to progressive collapse. Also it damages column resulting in failure of strong column weak beam theory. In present work
more » ... fter identifying problem structure is fused at connection by reducing beam cross section at location of connection. This is done by reducing cross section of beam in plan expected to result in shifting of plastic hinge from face of column. Reduced beam sections capacity is calculated by simple calculations and verifying them with moment curvature relationships at desired locations. This will concentrate on failure of fuse and not of connection during load application. Motivation of this study is to improve connection by fulfilling strong column and weak beam theory. This will motivate construction industry to utilize steel structures more often assuring repairing of structure as element failure will be dominant over failure of entire structure
doi:10.29121/ijesrt.v9.i7.2020 fatcat:xem45lzzajbd3phtdu7sy6u4me