40Ar/39Ar geochronology of Burdigalian paleobotanical localities in the central Paratethys (south Slovakia)

Katarína Šarinová, Samuel Rybár, Fred Jourdan, Celia Mayers, Adam Frew, Marianna Kováčová, Petronela Nováková, Barbara Lichtman, Michal Kováč
2021 Geologica Acta  
The Lipovany and Mučín paleobotanical localities contain important floral associations within the tuff horizons, which were used for determination of subtropical to tropical climatic conditions during the Early Miocene. Based on the combination of results from plagioclase and biotite 40Ar/39Ar dating, the age of the tuff deposition is around 17.3Ma. For the Lipovany locality, single-grain 40Ar/39Ar convergent ages of 17.49±0.54Ma and 17.28±0.06Ma, for plagioclase and biotite were obtained,
more » ... were obtained, respectively. The Mučín locality only provide an imprecise convergent age of 16.5±1.4Ma due to the small size of the analyzed plagioclase crystals. The results thus allowed to include the fossil subtropical flora of the studied localities in the late Ottnangian regional stage (upper part of the Burdigalian). Additionally, these age data indicate that deposition of the overlaying Salgótarján Formation starts much later than originally thought (during Ottnangian-Karpatian boundary).
doi:10.1344/geologicaacta2021.19.5 fatcat:xweczwccqje3ji3o7zscdc5zpy