A black hole instability in five dimensions?

Donald Marolf, Amitabh Virmani
2005 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We study the moduli-space scattering of a two-charge supertube in the background of a rotating BPS D1-D5-P black hole in 4+1 dimensions, extending the static analysis of Bena and Kraus (hep-th/0402144). While the magnetic forces associated with this motion change the details considerably, the final conclusion is similar to that of the static analysis: we find that one can bring the supertube to the horizon, so that the BMPV black hole and the supertube merge. However, our analysis shows that
more » ... s can occur even at significantly larger values of the angular momentum than was indicated by the static analysis. For a range of parameters, conservation laws and the area theorem forbid the result of the merger from being any single known object: neither near-extremal black holes nor non-supersymmetric black rings are allowed. Such results suggest that the merger triggers an instability of the rotating D1-D5-P black hole, perhaps leading to bifurcation into a pair of black objects.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2005/11/026 fatcat:nyd4uc3roneujmnvjfsjosm3n4