St. Regis Hotel Osaka(2012 IALD International Lighting Design Awards AWRDA OF MERIT,Japanese Illumination Designs Highly Recognized in Overseas as Well 2012)

Kentaro Tanaka
2013 Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan  
The avchitectural and interior design concept of St. Regis Osaka comcs from the beauty blossorned during the Azuchi − Momoyama Per正 od just bcfore the Edo Period in Japan . The ・ Zen ・ form ・ o ' f 亡 hought , " Wabj Sabi " or the serene sense of Japanese beauty , is。ombined with a llttle glalnour to じompiete the design concept . Fittingly , the lighting desigrr is based on the fb至 lowing keywords, ' ' serenity + shadQws − hospitaljty . " While the amount of light is moderate , each space is
more » ... ly enclosed and iighting arranged to create comfortable light and shadows
doi:10.2150/jieij.97.15 fatcat:42kkrqcsjzcbrcxcztfbpslfsy