Enregisterment of English Borrowing as an Advertising "voice" in French Advertisements

Antoinette Barffour
2021 Studie z Aplikované Lingvistiky  
The use of English Borrowings (EBs) in French ads remains a widespread practice. Through a systematic analysis of 175 French ads extracted from French news articles, this essay evaluates features of EBs usage, introducing the notion of enregisterment as an analytical framework. Specifically, the fourfold aim of this essay is to examine the frequency of EBs; the types and perceived meanings of EBs; the visual presentation and graphic integration of the EBs in the ads; and the extent of awareness
more » ... among native French speakers regarding the use of EBs in French ads. Nearly 42% of ads reviewed contained EBs. Notably, borrowings were commonly associated with automobile-related products, constituting a leading domain where EBs were used to communicate desirable qualities such as efficiency, durability and novel technology (but perception varied as a function of whether the product advertised was domestic or foreign). Typically, the ads used familiar or easily interpretable EBs that were often set off by graphic cues. The foregoing represents possible mechanisms of the enregisterment of EBs in the "voice" of French advertising.
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