About perfume phototoxity of the essential oils from citrus fruits

Yasuo Uehara, Toru Domon, Hayato Hosokawa, Takashi Hamashita
1974 Journal of Japan Cosmetic Chemists Association  
The essential oils made from citrus fruits are often used in the compound perfumes for cosmetics, and they cause photodermatitis sometimes. The typical examples are bergamot oil, lemon oil, lime oil and grapefruit oil. The phototoxitic reaction is due to some furocoumarins (5-MOP, 8-MOP, etc.) contained in those oils. UV absorption spetcrums of the furocoumarin group are observed at approximately 320nm. We examined the relation between UV absorption at 320nm and the result of actual photopach
more » ... st on human skin by exposure to xenonlamp and sunlight. The authors found the fact that the citrus oils showing UV absorption at 320nm will have posibility to cause photoderm atis. When we use genuine citrus oils for skin cosmetics, we must take care of the quality of them. Now, we can get some refined citrus oils and synthetic ones without the photosensitic subs tances that show UV absorption at 320nm. If we use them, the problem of the phototoxity will be avoided.
doi:10.5107/sccj1970.9.31 fatcat:5fduernbzzeszmezmh7lezflqa