Surface deformation evolution in the Pearl River Delta between 2006 and 2011 derived from the ALOS1/PALSAR images

Genger Li, Guangcai Feng, Zhiqiang Xiong, Qi Liu, Rongan Xie, Xiaoling Zhu, Shuran Luo, Yanan Du
2020 Earth, Planets and Space  
AbstractThis study monitors the land subsidence of the whole Pearl River Delta (PRD) (area: ~ 40,000 km2) in China using the ALOS1/PALSAR data (2006–2011) through the SBAS-InSAR method. We also analyze the relationship between the subsidence and the coastline change, river distribution, geological structure as well as the local terrain. The results show that (1) the land subsidence with the average velocity of 50 mm/year occurred in the low elevation area in the front part of the delta and the
more » ... the delta and the coastal area, and the area of the regions subsiding faster than 30 mm/year between 2006 and 2011 is larger than 122 km2; (2) the subsidence order and area estimated in this study are both much larger than that measured in previous studies; (3) the areas along rivers suffered from surface subsidence, due to the thick soft soil layer and frequent human interference; (4) the geological evolution is the intrinsic factor of the surface subsidence in the PRD, but human interference (reclamation, ground water extraction and urban construction) extends the subsiding area and increases the subsiding rate.
doi:10.1186/s40623-020-01310-2 fatcat:tocmvkifc5g5xpw6iehrp2gqsu