Dysphagia Hinders Hospitalized Patients with Heart Failure from Being Discharged to Home

Junichi Yokota, Yoshiko Ogawa, Yoshimi Takahashi, Nobuhiro Yamaguchi, Noriko Onoue, Tsuyoshi Shinozaki, Masahiro Kohzuki
2019 Tohoku journal of experimental medicine  
Dysphagia, defined as a dysfunction in any stage or process of eating, is common among heart failure (HF) patients. In some diseases state, dysphagia hinders patients from being discharged to home. However, it remains unclear whether dysphagia affects discharge disposition of HF patients. This study aimed to identify the impact of dysphagia on discharge disposition of HF patients. A total of 323 patients, hospitalized with acute exacerbation of HF, were eligible for the study (excluding
more » ... (excluding patients who lived at nursing care facilities before admission). Following the withdrawal of 37 patients, a total of 286 patients were analyzed. Dysphagia was determined using the functional oral intake scale (FOIS), which evaluates a patient's ability to swallow. The FOIS is a 7-point scale, with a level of ≤ 5 indicating dysphagia. Of the 286 patients analyzed, 231 (80.8%) were discharged to home, and 55 were discharged to nursing care facilities or rehabilitation hospitals (non-home). FOIS level was significantly lower, and dysphagia incidence was significantly higher among patients discharged to non-home than among those discharged to home. Multivariate analysis showed that FOIS level was an independent predictor of discharge disposition. Additionally, after propensity score matching, which was performed to adjust for baseline characteristics, FOIS level remained significantly lower in patients discharged to non-home than in those discharged to home. In conclusion, dysphagia hinders patients hospitalized with HF from being discharged to home. We conclude that evaluating dysphagia and its severity on admission is useful for predicting discharge disposition in patients hospitalized with HF.
doi:10.1620/tjem.249.163 pmid:31723072 fatcat:q4kvqaiymzhfldbp5leguwifbq