Medicolegal Alcohol Determination: Variability of the Blood- to Breath-Alcohol Ratio and Its Effect on Reported Breath-Alcohol Concentrations

Dominick A. Labianca, G. Simpson
1995 Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine  
There is substantial agreement among scientists that the variability of a person's blood-to breathalcohol ratio contributes significantly to the experimental error in results from breath-alcohol analysis. Some have argued that the need to correct for this source of error can be eliminated by reporting breath test results in units of breath-alcohol concentration rather than blood-alcohol concentration. A simple mathematical proof is presented to demonstrate that this is not the case. Moreover,
more » ... e scientific and legal flaws of this argument are discussed, and recommendations are offered for dealing with the problems that have developed from adoption of this view.
doi:10.1515/cclm.1995.33.12.919 fatcat:xhssu7l6ibat5cd6vwr65wilva