Identification and molecular-genetic characteristics of the hepatitis B virus among HIV-infected patients in Arkhangelsk

Yu V Ostankova, A V Semenov, E B Zueva, A A Totolian
2019 Voprosy virusologii  
To estimate the prevalence and characterize the hepatitis B virus among HIV-infected patients with virological failure of antiretroviral therapy in Arkhangelsk. HBV markers determinations (HBsAg, anti-HBs IgG, antiHBcor IgG, DNA HBV) were performed in isolates from blood plasma samples 64 HIV-infected patients with virological failure of antiretroviral therapy (viral load >50 IU / ml after 6 months of antiretroviral therapy or an increase in viral load after primary suppression of viral
more » ... ion). For the detection of the hepatitis B virus, nucleic acids were isolated using the commercial kit «AmplePrime Ribo-prep». The virus presence analysis was performing by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method with hybridization-fluorescence detection in "real time" using the commercial set of «AmpliSens® HBV-FL». In the future, we used the method developed by the Saint-Petersburg Pasteur Institute, which allows detecting HBV in biological material with a low viral load. HBsAg-negative (occult) HBV was detect in 28 (43.8%) HIVinfected patients. Only HBV genotype D was detected, and the HBV subgenotype D1 prevailed (39.3%) compared with the HBV subgenotype D2 (32.1%) and D3 (28.6%). Serological markers in 42.8% of patients with HBV DNA were founding. Two HBV isolates with drug resistance mutations in the polymerase gene, leaded to amino acid substitutions (L180M, M204V) associated with the resistance development to lamivudine, entecavir, telbivudine and tenofovir were identifying. The occult (HBsAg-negative) HBV high prevalence among HIV-infected patients suggests the need to use molecular-biological diagnostic methods to identify HBV, as well as to analyze the HBV drug resistance mutation before starting antiretroviral therapy for HIV.
doi:10.18821/0507-4088-2019-64-3-105-111 pmid:31622056 fatcat:fndxybt5pbcl5l7v7gxjadwa5a