Post-inflationary brane cosmology

Anupam Mazumdar
2001 Nuclear Physics B  
The brane cosmology has invoked new challenges to the usual Big Bang cosmology. In this paper we present a brief account on thermal history of the post-inflationary brane cosmology. We have realized that it is not obvious that the post-inflationary brane cosmology would always deviate from the standard Big Bang cosmology. However, if it deviates some stringent conditions on the brane tension are to be satisfied. In this regard we study various implications on gravitino production and its
more » ... ce. We discuss Affleck-Dine mechanism for baryogenesis and make some comments on moduli and dilaton problems in this context.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(00)00722-7 fatcat:m2iegkkafbevviydsai7ggx72y