Optimization of Isothermal Hot Rolling Parameters using Ansys and Ls-Dyna [chapter]

Charles Mansfield, Ali P. Gordon
2015 Light Metals 2015  
Manufacturers of rolled materials are always striving to reduce the costs associated with production-be they time, material, or waste. This is especially true with the manufacture of nextgeneration particle-reinforced materials, such as those used in high-value automotive components. Process variables such as temperahire, roller speed, and plate dimensions, among others, all affect strength, ductility, and anisotropy of the hot rolled plate. Manipulation of the thermo-mechanical processing
more » ... cal processing (TMP) parameters can help to optimize mechanical properties, which would reduce waste and improve quality. A parametric study was conducted via ANSYS and LS-DYNA to numerically simulate symmetric hot rolling. The TMP parameters have been varied to characterize how geometric and material properties confer a mechanical response for single-pass isothermal rolling. This approach to virtual processing represents a means by which manufacturers can lower the time, material, and scrap costs associated with developing new, high-value components. Conditions that minimize edge cracking as predicted by a ductility model are presented.
doi:10.1002/9781119093435.ch69 fatcat:j4d32q2nzfa3bfhfxehqkhi7qa