Alimuddin Hasan Palawa
2017 Al-Fikra : jurnal ilmiah keislaman  
Raja Ali Haji: A Protective of Culture and the Preserver of Malay Language: when there is a study of the Malay language, figures and efforts that are always mentioned is what is done by some Western scholars, especially the preparation of dictionaries, for example thomas bowrey, werndly, W. van RECs, W. Marsden, R. Eysinga and J. van J. Hollander. King Ali haji is known only as a scientist in the field of religion and Malay languages. Stature in the field of language is not widely known by the
more » ... idely known by the public. It turns out, the Raja Ali Haji has two monumental works in the field of languages, namely: Al-Bustan and The Book of Knowledge Katibin that recommended him as an expert on language and Malay culture. Two of these works are two of the earliest writings about Malay language study produced by the Malay people. However, the Raja Ali Haji is the child's degree of identity in the first malay who have attempted to explain the Malay grammar, writing procedures for Malay language in Arabic script (Jawi). then, the king ali haji was also the first person who has written a monolingual dictionary (eka language) in the Malay language among Malay tribe. From the two works mentioned above, Raja Ali Haji seeks earnestly and constantly develop and maintain the culture and language of indigenous Malay, so he dedicated himself as a Malay linguists and cultural experts.
doi:10.24014/af.v10i1.3841 fatcat:4ifbcltkbvfdnkn2nywyqa4qja