3D reconstruction of plants and a single building from UAV images

Yu Ma, Yinwen Chen, Lifeng Zhang, Zhitao Zhang, Jiarui Wang, Weihua Yu, Zheng Xing, Yaohua Hu, Zhijie Liu
2018 International Journal of Precision Agricultural Aviation  
The 3D models of buildings and plants from UAV images become increasingly popular for city construction. However, whether the previous 3D modeling precision of large-scale buildings can be further enhanced and whether that of plants from UAV images is acceptable still remain to be investigated. For these ends, this research studied the 3D modeling precision of a basketball hall and a row of Euonymus japonicas based on images from a DJI Inspire-1 UAV system. The data were processed with Pix4D to
more » ... calculate the camera parameters, which were then processed with ContextCapture and Photoscan to generate the 3D models. We compared the displayed height, width and crown breadth in the 3D models with the actual measured data. The results showed that the errors of the 3D models in each method were within tolerance. The ContextCapture displayed a higher accuracy while the Photoscan a higher reconstruction efficiency. The r.m.s. of the respective percentage errors for the basketball hall with Photoscan and ContextCapture were 4.9 cm and 2.3 cm while those for the Euonymus japonicas were 1.2 cm and 0.7 cm. The results have two implications: the large-scale modeling precision in theory can be improved; the plants modeling from UAV images can be a better alternative because of its satisfying precision as well as its own much lower cost and less redundant data. reconstruction of plants and a single building from UAV images. Int J Precis Agric Aviat, 2020; 3(4): 81-89. ; Weihua Yu, PhD, lecture, research interest: Application of surveying and mapping in water resources; Email: yuweihua@nwsuaf.edu.cn; Zheng Xing, Master student, research interest: Application of remote sensing technology in water-saving irrigation and water resources; Email: yizhi199708@163.com; Yaohua Hu, PhD, Professor, research interest: Integrated application of agriculture and machinery; Email : huyaohua@nwsuaf.edu.cn; Zhijie Liu, lecture, research interest: Integrated application of agriculture and machinery,
doi:10.33440/j.ijpaa.20200304.141 fatcat:ltuh3k6snfedjpkvmowrvzv2uq