Spanish Dialectal Variation in the Foreign Language Classroom: Students' Attitudes, Instructors' Beliefs and Teaching Practices, and Treatment of Variation in Textbooks

Laura Monerris Oliveras
Communicative competence is a key concept in the field of foreign/second language (FL/L2) teaching and learning. In fact, the development of the learner's communicative competence is one of the essential goals of FL/L2 teaching. In Bachman's model (1990) of Communicative Language Ability, sociolinguistic competence is one of the elements of language competence, which includes the sensitivity to differences in dialects and varieties, among other abilities. Thus, the treatment of regional
more » ... s in L2/FL classes is needed for learners to be able to reach a high level of communicative competence.
doi:10.7939/r3ts6h fatcat:2kzk5i6hzjbxlaxh3bnnzgieya