An exposition and Christian ethical evaluation of the conflict between the Bangsamoro people and the government of Philippines

Norberto Dellosa
The purpose of this dissertation is to present an exposition and Christian ethical evaluation of the violent conflict in Southern Philippines between the Bangsamoro people and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) representing the central government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP). The Bangsamoro people, the original Muslim inhabitants of Mindanao at the time of colonization by the Spanish in 1521, now comprise only about five per cent of the total 90 million Philippine population.
more » ... lippine population. The Bangsamoro people have been at war with the Christian dominated government since the 1960's. Their struggle is for self-determination within their ancestral homeland in Mindanao. They consider self determination as a way for them to uphold and enrich their Muslim cultural heritage, religion, and identity. It is equally an expression of their desire to recover their pre-Spanish period (1521) of political and economic authority in the Southern Philippines. They are not asking for the whole of the region of Mindanao, but want a parcel of it, especially where they predominate. This will enable generations after them to live in peace and piety, as Islam enjoins all believers.
doi:10.4226/66/5a962ca0c6894 fatcat:ak5d6ybezzamlfxdjp7bge75vq