Periodontal condition and tooth loss in diabetic patients
Condición periodontal y pérdida dental en pacientes diabéticos del Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paúl

Sandra Paola Ochoa, Carlos Andrés Ospina, Kelly Johana Colorado, Yenny Paola Montoya, Andrés Fernando Saldarriaga, Marisol Miranda Galvis, Natalia Muñoz Pino, María Eugenia Gómez, Fanny Lucía Yepes, Javier Enrique Botero
Biomédica: revista del Instituto Nacional de Salud  
Diabetes is a systemic disease which affects the metabolism of glucose,and it has been associated with the development of periodontal disease. The periodontal condition and tooth loss was evaluated in diabetic subjects. At the San Vicente de Paúl Hospital (Medellín, Colombia), 117 subjects with type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus were examined. Patients underwent a comprehensive periodontal evaluation, glycosylated hemoglobin analysis, oral hygiene habits and history of diabetes. A descriptive and
more » ... mparative analysis between the clinical parameters, tooth loss and type of diabetes was performed. The prevalence of gingivitis was 27.4% and periodontitis 72.6%. The most frequent systemic complication was hypertension (51.3%). The most frequently lost teeth were molars and in general, the subjects had lost an average of 7 teeth and had a poor plaque control (55.4%). No differences were seen in clinical parameters between type 1 and 2 diabetes patients. The mean probing depth was 2.6 mm. The first and second upper and lower molars showed the highest values of PD. The mean clinical attachment loss was 3.3 mm . Maxillary teeth 17, 16, and mandibular 37, 47 showed the highest values of clinical attachment loss. In conclusion, the periodontal condition in diabetic patients was poor, presenting periodontitis in most cases. This can be a major cause of tooth loss in diabetic subjects and requires special attention by clinicians.
doi:10.1590/s0120-41572012000100007 pmid:23235787 fatcat:xr45o2sczfgf7p2spgeuzvgkki