Modulation of the production of a parathyroid hormone-like protein in human squamous carcinoma cell lines by interaction with fibroblasts

K Hoekman, C W Löwik, M vd Ruit, J Kempenaar, O L Bijvoet, M Ponec
1990 Cancer Research  
Normal human keratinocytes as well as human squamous cell carcinomas produce a parathyroid hormone-like protein (PLP). However, PLP production by these cells is not a constant phenomenon. Since nothing is known about factors which regulate the production of PLP, in vitro studies were performed with normal keratinocytes and squamous carcinoma cell lines in order to establish conditions under which PLP production may vary. PLP was measured as cyclic AMP production in parathyroid hormone target
more » ... d hormone target cells (osteoblasts) which could be inhibited by a parathyroid hormone antagonist. The presence of PLP was confirmed using a radioimmunoassay specific for PLP. Results from the bioassay correlated very well with the data obtained by radioimmunoassay for PLP. The results confirm that human squamous carcinoma cells and normal keratinocytes produce PLP. PLP production appeared to be very sensitive to modulation of coculture of squamous carcinoma cells with fibroblasts. The effect of fibroblasts was not mediated by an effect on squamous carcinoma cell viability. Murine transformed fibroblasts (3T3 cells) as well as human normal foreskin fibroblasts were equally effective in inducing PLP production in these cells. The fibroblastic factor was apparently present in a soluble form in the coculture system which prevented direct cell-cell contact but allowed communication through the medium. Nevertheless, conditioned medium from 3T3 cells failed to induce PLP production by squamous carcinoma cells. This suggests a more complicated interaction between the two cell types than a one way message from fibroblasts to keratinocytes. Production of PLP by a number of squamous carcinoma cell lines was variable and not evidently correlated with the ability of these carcinoma cells to differentiate. Production of parathyroid hormone-like protein not only is the expression of a disturbed metabolism of a specific cell type but also reflects the cell-cell interaction in tumor tissue.
pmid:2160322 fatcat:cu4zpru33veczn6c42z6lhyd3m