Non(anti)commutative superspace

Dietmar Klemm, Silvia Penati, Laura Tamassia
2003 Classical and quantum gravity  
We investigate the most general non(anti)commutative geometry in N=1 four-dimensional superspace, invariant under the classical (i.e., undeformed) supertranslation group. We find that a nontrivial non(anti)commutative superspace geometry compatible with supertranslations exists with non(anti)commutation parameters which may depend on the spinorial coordinates. The algebra is in general nonassociative. Imposing associativity introduces additional constraints which however allow for nontrivial
more » ... w for nontrivial commutation relations involving fermionic coordinates. We obtain explicitly the first three terms of a series expansion in the deformation parameter for a possible associative *-product. We also consider the case of N=2 euclidean superspace where the different conjugation relations among spinorial coordinates allow for a more general supergeometry.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/20/13/333 fatcat:srwx5tdjfjhvfgjvcvrkplprim